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February 4, 2013
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    Moar they say. MOAR! Okay, here's more! Part 2 to the rescue!
    There's a little bit of language in this, and probably in the future one's as well... sorry if you don't like that! >.<
    This turned out longer than I thought it would... ^.^

    Soft, yellow light filled your room casting a long shadow behind you. The clock next to your bed was reading a time of 5:45 A.M., time to get ready for work. Getting out of bed would be your first challenge of the day; since the realistic nightmare you had two days ago waking up and falling asleep had been a constant challenge. Every time you closed your eyes, flashbacks of the frozen field or the man appeared in your mind's eye. Black rings were starting to form under your eyes from a lack of sleep.
    "I hate Mondays..." you said to no one in particular. Rolling over onto your side you sighed and looked out into space. Your eyes were adjusting to the brightness again after having to look at the harsh lights of your alarm clock. Your room was relatively empty, but then again that was how you liked it. In the end it was less things to move out if you ever left. Your space consisted of two bedrooms, a kitchen and a single bathroom. Everyday you would wake up and wonder about that second bedroom; since you lived by yourself there was no reason for it. All you kept in there were books for work and boxes you never got around to unpacking from when you moved in two years ago.
    With a groan you managed to pull yourself out of bed; only to be greeted by freezing air.
    "Dammit." you growled angrily. "I thought I told them to fix this!" You beat on the thermostat angrily for a few moments before deciding that your normal way of fixing things isn't going to work. With one final glare from your eyes you decided to come back to this battle another time and that for now, you'd go take a shower and change your clothes for work.


    The roads were congested as usual, car horns and people shouting at one another were common sounds in the morning as people made their commute to work. You were currently stuck behind a fleet of yellow taxi cabs, most of which were empty. After five minutes of waiting you finally were able to approach the light. Your left turn signal was on while you waited for the light to change.
    "Come on, come on." You said impatiently tapping your steering wheel with your fingers. "I have an important meeting today, and at this rate you're going to make me late!"
    As if sensing you talked to it, the light changed from red to green. You pulled out into the lane to your left and continued to work. Your car wasn't anything expensive, actually it was far from it. A blue... okay, ORIGINALLY blue Beetle was your steed to ride through the streets of NYC. But the reason you considered it originally blue was that both the doors and the hood were different colors. The driver's side door was red, the other was green, and your hood was white. But hey, if it runs, it runs. At least that's what you thought. This car had seen better days, but parts are so easy to come by for fixing it that it'd be easier to keep the poor thing.
    A couple blocks from work you realized that there was a car following you. It was a sleek, black limo and it gave you the creeps. All of the windows were tinted, even the windshield. At the moment it wasn't bothering you too much. Seriously, that thing can barely move in these crowded streets without hitting another vehicle. You kept an eye on it as you pulled into the parking complex a half-block away from where you worked. 
   "Hello _______, how are you doing today?" asked the man at the entrance to the complex. He was a nice guy, although you didn't know what his name was. 
   "Not too bad, got another long week ahead and the big shots from the main company are heading over today." you said paying your fare.
    "Oh really? I bet that will be fun. There's an open spot down there that you can take, I saved it for you this morning." he pointed to the far right.
    "Thank you so much! You're a life saver, you really are!" You said excitedly. "I'll bring you some doughnuts or something tomorrow to make up for this!"
    "No need. I figured that you might be late today, the lights at the intersections are taking longer than usual to change this week. I wonder if they made some new change at City Hall for some reason?"
    You smiled at him and pulled into the parking garage, quickly finding the spot that the man had been talking about. Pulling out your briefcase and notepads you opened your door and got out of the Beetle.
    Only to find the black limo pulling into the parking complex.
    Quickly, you hide behind the car parked next to yours as it passes by. It looked even more ominous now with the added darkness of the garage, but looking closely, you could make out three people inside the vehicle including the driver. Narrowing your eyes, you moved in front of the vehicle you were hiding behind to keep out of sight as it passed, heading farther back into the garage. There was probably reserved parking back there for larger vehicles like itself.

    After a moment or so longer of waiting you decide that the coast is clear and move out from behind the car. Glancing around the garage you make note of the direction that the limo went and make sure to steer clear of that end of the garage.

    “I wonder whose inside?” you question aloud, but noticing that you’re talking to yourself again you quickly close your mouth. After one final look around you pick up your briefcase and make your way to the west side of the garage. A door appeared on the wall not too long afterwards and you use it to get into the skyscraper located next to the garage.

    “Excuse me! May I trouble you for a moment!?” asked a voice behind you.

    You pause halfway through the door to find a young man in a violet suit jogging towards you.

    “Umm, sure, I guess so. What do you need?” you asked him.

    The man finished his jog up to the door and took a moment to catch his breath. He looked up at you and smiled. “I’m sorry but may I ask you for directions darling?”

    You blinked a few times and it finally registered in your mind just who this man was.

    He was the guy trying to shove the neon cupcakes into the mouth of the red-haired man…


    “W-where to?” You asked him, tripping over some of your words.

    “Do you know of the Nighthawk agency residing in this building?” a smile crossed his face.

    “Yes, I’m currently employed there. Were you looking for the main entrance or any entrance in general?” This man was dangerous; you could feel it.

    “Preferably the main entrance if you would please” The smile was still plastered all over his face. “Better yet, would you take me there? I’m terrible at following spoken directions.”

    Your brain told you no in every possible way that it could think of. But something told you that if you didn't do what he asked, work would be the least of your problems.

    “Sure, are you by yourself or waiting for someone?” you asked, noticing that he kept looking around while he spoke.

    “Actually, yes. I am. We arrived early this morning for a meeting today. The dear must have fallen asleep again.” He said, taking on a mothering tone. “Ahh well, I’ll just have to wake the lad up later!”

   You stood there for a moment thinking about what this strange man was talking about, could it be the red-haired guy? No… let’s not go there. This just has to be a coincidence. You let the thought pass from your mind, and then you closed the door and started re-tracing your steps.

    “To the main entrance it is then.” you said. “It’s a little bit of a walk from here, I’m sorry that we’re not closer…” you trailed off. The man looked at the buildings in a state of awe. He resembled a young child in a toy store.

    “American architecture is interesting.” He finally said. “It’s similar to what we have in Britain, but it doesn't have as much history.”

    You looked at the man who was trailing at your side. “Are you from Britain?” you asked cautiously.

    “Yes; you could say that.” He looked at you very intently. His stare made you uncomfortable…

    “I’m sorry if asking made you uncomfortable…” you weren't really sure what to say. It seemed impossible to have a rational conversation with a guy like this. The longer he was around, the farther from him you wanted to be. And his constant gaze was creepy.

    “Here we are!” you said after a few moments of silence. You turned to look at the strange man in the violet suit. “The registration desk is to that room on your left; if you need anything please ask one of the receptionists at the desk.” You turned to leave when you felt a hand grab your arm.

    “Don’t leave so soon poppet. I haven’t even said thank you yet.”

    You turned around to face the man. “I’m sorry, but at this rate I’m going to be late!”

    “Alright then, but first let me introduce myself.” He grinned ear to ear. “My name is Oliver, and it’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance… I’m sorry what was your name again?”

    “I never introduced myself…” you said pausing. “My name is ________.” Why did you just tell him your name idiot?  You thought. Now he’ll no doubt come back to see you!!! Why didn't you just say Barbra Streisand or something?

     Oliver smiled and took your hand to shake it. "Then I shall see you again at the meeting this afternoon." After giving your hand a few more firm shakes he let go and walked over the the registration desk.

    "Now he's a strange one ain't he?" a sudden voice behind you said.

    You turned around quickly to see your desk-mate Mark looking over your shoulder at Oliver. Mark was about 5' 10" or so with brown shaggy hair that he refused to comb. 

    "He's certainly someone I wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley. But anyways let's go. I still need to clock in." You glided around Mark and made your way to your office. The door to your personal space was made of a dark cherry wood with one simple glass pane in the center. The view into the office was blocked by a set of blinds that you wanted to rip off and burn in a terrible accident; but that was just you. 

    As you entered your office you turned the little sign hanging on your door so that any visitors could read the ornately carved letters telling them the insanity of your line of work.

       Mark Felburne & _(First Name)_ _(Last Name)_

       Nighthawk Investigation Department

       Supernatural Division

    Mark rushed over to his desk and picked up a picture on his desk. "Oh Karin, how I missed you so!" he said dramatically. Karin was Mark's current girlfriend. Emphasis on current. She was a pretty red headed girl with freckles all over. You liked her, but only when Mark wasn't flaunting his love for her every single moment of the day. He rushed over to your side of the office and put her picture close to your face. "Look at her ______! She's gorgeous  The spirits finally let this soul reincarnate into a beautiful woman to whom I can give all my love!" Mark said in a Shakespearean manner. 

    You just agreed in a nonchalant manner and attempted to get to work. Pulling files of previous cases and report summaries out of their folders you fall into the familiar motions of work. You redirect calls to other offices and sometimes even different branches of the agency. You looked over to the clock on your desk to keep an eye on the time. The company meeting started in fifteen minutes. Sighing at the inevitable meeting you're going to face with Oliver, you get up out of your desk and throw a look over to Mark. "We need to get ready to go. Do you have the presentation ready?"

    Mark spun around in his computer chair and whipped a flash drive out of thin air. "You know it boss." 

    Rolling your eyes you respond, "Let's get this show on the road then."


    The meeting room was almost like a place some idiot would hold a concert. Rows among rows of theater-style chairs were placed in blocks in the room. People were already filing inside in steady streams. "We're in the front this time Mark." you said as he tried to sit in your normal spot in the far back.

    "What? Dammit! Do we really have to do this?" he whined. "No one listens to us anyways!"

    "Sit down and shut up Mark. Hopefully we won't have to do anything and I'll be able to relax here and sleep."  You sat down in the front row in the seat with your name on it. Mark sat next to you and fidgeted. "Mark stop moving so much. How do you expect me to sleep with your constant squirming!?" 

    Mark looked at you and noticed the dark circles forming under your eyes. "You had another dream?" he asked concerned.

    "Yeah, now gimme your shoulder so I can sleep." You rested your head on Mark's shoulder. He was a good friend to have. You didn't have any of that awkward tension the people working in the same office may get. You've saved each-other's backs more than enough times to know that you can trust each other. He wouldn't do anything to hurt you. At least you hoped not. 

    About fifteen minutes after the meeting started you fell asleep. 

    No dreams.

    No sensations of being watched.

    A quiet, relaxing moment of peace.

    With the sensation of being moved you peaked an eye open to see what was going on. Mark was just quietly speaking to a young man that had apparently sat next to you. How nice. You thought. If only I could sleep like this all the time.  Sleep soon pulled you back under. 

    The sent of southern grass filled your mind. This scent reminded you of your home down south. Summer was the best time of the year. Everything was colorful and the people were so nice. Your mind took you through some of your memories. Just as you were reliving the time you made your first pie with your mother a slight jostle woke you up. Your eyes opened slowly at first, trying to adjust to the light. You looked down and noticed the nice brown jacket Mark was wearing. 

    "Is ______ up yet?" a voice next to you said. He sounds like Mark.

    "She will be if she doesn't hurry it up." another voice said. Who is that?

    "Now be nice. She's exhausted!" Oliver said. 

    You opened your eyes and slowly picked yourself up to stretch. Looking over to Mark you said "Sorry for sleeping on you like that. How was the meeting?"

    "It wasn't him you slept on."

    Slowly, you turned to face the voice that spoke. Your brain stopped functioning.

    That tan skin.

    The brown leather jacket.

    Dog tags hanging around his neck.

    Even his red hair with the pointy curl.

    "______, I'd like you to meet my partner in crime, Allen." Oliver said as he gestured to the man next to him. 

    Allen stared at you with his red eyes. "Listen, next time you wanna sleep, do it on someone else. I'm not a pillow." He turned and walked away.

You have got to be kidding me.

Wow. I never thought that this part would be so long, but as soon as I knew it, I had typed for two whole hours. Oh my.... XD
Well, now you've met your partner at work, Oliver the neon-cupcake wonder, and our very own sexy mastermind Allen. Good day, good day.
This is a bit early, but then again that gives me more time to work on part three.
And yea, we see a lot more of 2P America there. A WHOLE LOT MORE. XD Don't get too excited!!!! You may freak some people out.... okay never mind. Go ahead and freak out.

Hetalia belongs to Hideki himaruya
You belong to 2P America Yourself
But the plot for this X Reader belongs to me.

:iconyay2pamericaplz: :iconhappy2pamericaplz:

Part 1: [link]
Part 2: Why hello there! ^.^
Part 3: [link]
Part 4: [link]
Part 5: TBA
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